Originally published in the 1960’s through the Maine Department of Economic Development, this map is well-recognized by many Mainers and non-residents because of its popularity and longevity on walls in homes, camps and public places. It’s a personal favorite of mine because it hung over the couch at my grandparents’ camp on Sebago Lake where my little brother and I spent almost ever weekend during the summers when we were kids. I still remember how the springs in that couch felt on the bottom of my feet because my brother and I about wore them out standing up to look at all the interesting pictures on the poster! This well-loved map held our attention better than the couch held us!

Thank you, Maine Municipal Association, for making this poster map available online! Visit their Bicentennial news page at www.memun.org and scroll down to the “Items of Note” section or link directly to the poster HERE.

Maine State of Better Living map poster