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Maine's 200th anniversary of Statehood is in 2020, and the Maine Bicentennial Commission is leading the State's Official Commemoration at its information and resource site at

The Bicentennial is an exciting opportunity to experience, explore and celebrate Maine. In that spirit, this site is a project in progress, building up to Maine's 200th alongside the making of a documentary film, Shape Of Love: 200 Years In Maine, and a children's picture book imagined on a walk in the Maine woods.

My name is Tonya, I’m a Maine native and I like writing about Maine and telling Maine stories. I’ve been excited about the Bicentennial for a while, and if you’re excited about it, I hope you will enjoy this site. It will grow with stories and features rooted in the themes of love and imagination.

Today: Monday, September 16

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Imagining it in Maine 100 or so years ago. 


This is #72 of "100 Leading Facts", from the time of the State's Centennial in 1920:


72. Registration fees for automobiles: 15 horsepower $5.00; 35 horsepower $10.00; over 35 horsepower $15.00.

In 1913 we had but 7,743 automobiles, while in 1919 we had 47,188 and 5,790 trucks.

State Superintendent of Schools, "One Hundred Years of Statehood: Centennial Studies Celebrations in the Public Schools of Maine, 1920" (1920). Maine Bicentennial. 4.

Can you imagine taking the trolley over Tukey's Bridge in Portland?

Post card dated June 11, 1915.

Image courtesy of Special Collections, Raymond H. Fogler Library, DigitalCommons@UMaine,

How many Maine love stories started on a trolley?

I wonder...perhaps from passengers striking up a conversation to pass the time, like from Augusta to Winthrop, as seen in this vintage post card.

Image courtesy of Special Collections, Raymond H. Fogler Library, DigitalCommons@UMaine,
  • August 4, 2019

    Maine: Celebrating Summer Romances – 200 Years of Them.

    Maine has got to be one of the best settings on earth for a summer romance. How many hundreds of thousands (maybe millions?) has Maine hosted over the last 200 years…from stories that begin at a summer camp, to hometown love stories to visitor meets local in an idyllic Maine place for a peak season romance.

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From A County

Bagaduce Music Lending Library - Blue Hill, Maine - Hancock County

“Maine’s colorful history, her beautiful coastline, lighthouses, saltwater farms and boundless forests have created an aura of romance and legend. Composers from all parts of the nation have been inspired to write music on Maine themes.” – Bagaduce Music website, in reference to their Maine Collection