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Maine's 200th anniversary of Statehood is in 2020, and the Maine Bicentennial Commission is leading the State's Official Commemoration at its information and resource site at

The Bicentennial is an exciting opportunity to experience, explore and celebrate Maine. In that spirit, this site is a project in progress, building up to Maine's 200th alongside the making of a documentary film, Shape Of Love: 200 Years In Maine, and the release of a new children's book, The Maine Birthday Book.

My name is Tonya, I’m a Maine native and I like writing about Maine and telling Maine stories. I’ve been excited about the Bicentennial for a while, and if you’re excited about it, I hope you will enjoy this site. It will grow with stories and features rooted in the themes of love and imagination.

It's the Week of Feb 23-March 1, 2020 

Yippeee! It's 2020 and a little under 3 weeks to the 200th anniversary of the day Maine became the 23rd State (March 15th - Statehood Day). 

Wishing everyone a very happy, healthy and terrific 2020!

New children's book update: The Maine Birthday Book is in a growing list of wonderful stores around the State. For a list by location (town or city), please visit the book's website



The "cover critters" and I are very excited to introduce The Maine Birthday Book, a new children's book, available now in a growing list of Maine stores and online. The Maine Birthday Book is: Animal friends telling birthday stories and making special wishes in the Maine outdoors. You can peek inside the 52-page celebration of wildlife, geography and magic of Maine and order at

For the list of stores by town, visit this link.

The Maine Birthday Book

Imagining the Future of Baxter State Park and Katahdin

"Katahdin should and must always remain the wild, storm-swept, untouched-by-man region it now is; that is its great charm." - Gov. Percival Baxter, 1937


The date of this postcard is unknown, as is the reason why it was labeled “Daichey Pond” vs. Daicey Pond, but Daicey Pond was established as a sporting camp in 1902 and was incorporated into the Baxter State Park Campground system in 1969. 

Image courtesy of Special Collections, Raymond H. Fogler Library, DigitalCommons@UMaine

From the shore and in the canoe, the experience at Daicey Pond and the view of Katahdin feel timeless- 50 years after the area was incorporated into the state park campground system. Photo: October 10, 2019.

  • August 4, 2019

    Maine: Celebrating Summer Romances – 200 Years of Them.

    Maine has got to be one of the best settings on earth for a summer romance. How many hundreds of thousands (maybe millions?) has Maine hosted over the last 200 years…from stories that begin at a summer camp, to hometown love stories to visitor meets local in an idyllic Maine place for a peak season romance.

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From A County

Bagaduce Music Lending Library - Blue Hill, Maine - Hancock County

“Maine’s colorful history, her beautiful coastline, lighthouses, saltwater farms and boundless forests have created an aura of romance and legend. Composers from all parts of the nation have been inspired to write music on Maine themes.” – Bagaduce Music website, in reference to their Maine Collection